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When we question our youngsters about the Spirit of Lion Rock, they found that they hesitate and they are not able to answer. It is because our youngsters had never experienced the hardest period in Hong Kong before. Hong Kong is now cooling down from her vigorous growth in the past. From the saying of elders that go, the Spirit of Lion Rock is "as you reap, so you sow". What a sigh to say that the spirit that we are proud of is being forgotten by the time. Coming to this generation, what does the Spirit of Lion Rock truly mean to us?


Director: Hayden Chun Hei Mok

Writer: Olivia Hei Yue Chan

Producer: Elmo Wai Yan Fung

Editor: Olivia Hei Yue Chan

Music : Lok Man Chu , Ketch

Sound Design :Lok Man Chu , Ketch


Animators:  Michael Ming Kit Fong   River Cheuk Hang Ng  

Hayden Chun Hei Mok   Chu Ming Lee   Tsun Wai Lau   Ka Man Yu


2019 Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong Short Film Competition
Official Selection & Sound Fellowship Special Recognition

21st DigitCon6 ASIA
Silver award of BEST TECHNIQUE in DigitCon6 ASIA Award
DigiCon6 Hong Kong – Silver Award

MiMo 3rd Edition Milano Mobile Film Festival
Animation - Winner

The 6th Animation Support Programme - Tier 1 Gold





The 17th Salento International Film Festival 

The 35th interfilm - International Short Film Festival Berlin

The 25th ifva Awards

Macao Film Panorama 2020 

5th Marmaris International Short Film Festival

2019 Anim! Arte - 15th International Animation Festival of Brasil

Kuandu International Animation Festival 2019

2019 International Moving Film Festival

Interfilm - 35th International Short Film Festival, Germany

KINOdiseea International Children Film Festival Romania

ICONA 2019 [Animation Festival]


Director Hayden Chun Hei Mok

Hong Kong

Founder of Spicy Banana Creations
Graduated from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong with First Honours Degree in 2011 Major in animation


Working on animation and different visual communications since 2011
Creations of work included various forms across broadcast and multimedia platforms
Spicy banana created a short animation “Lionverse”

and got the GOLD prize in the 6thanimation support programme – tier 1.


In the 60s, there is very few entertainments. Television was a luxury goods at that moment

so many people visited herbal drinks shop for enjoying the TV Shows together.

wool_factory_shot_2_Main_whole 2_00032.j

In the 70s, most of our parents met in their working space - Industry Factory.

I would like to create this scene to thank you my parents.


In the 80s, gold fish market was one of the entertainments . 

They checked the fish by using electric flashlights in early morning.


In the 90s, Not only local families celebrated and enjoyed the light show during Christmas,

but also lots of foreign tourists traveled Hong Kong.


In the 00s til now, the city changed a lot like the spirit, the culture, the environment .

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